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About us

Fornito Cosmetica

Fornito Cosmetica comes from my natural predisposition for the world of cosmetics, as result of the continuous search for the most suitable cream to make my skin shine. After years of research I decided to self-produce them and together with my brothers we decided to create this unique brand in order to lead men and women, who want to take care of themselves, towards a magnificent sensory experience. We have created a line of products based on olive oil, a precious element, which is born and grows on the land owned by our family, which have always been olive growers in the Saracen land, in Trebisacce (CS). The love and passion for organic farming and olive trees has been handed down from the forefather of my family back in 1940 to subsequent generations. The strategic position of our land, built on a territory embraced by the well-known Mount Mostarico, by the Ionian Sea with continuous winds and typical Mediterranean temperatures, was defined as the most suitable habitat for olive cultivation. These elements have made this area producing oil of high value and combining it with precious elements, were born products of the highest quality.

We have chosen to combine olive oil with raw materials of natural origin, compulsorily produced in Italy, in order to have our products free of parabens, silicones, petrolatum and dyes and as per European legislation, they are Cruelty Free. No cosmetics are tested on animals. All this makes us a totally Made in Italy company.

We use, exclusively, packaging made of recycled and recyclable material.

We don’t promise unfeasible things, but we can guarantee that the constant use of our products will help you to enhance your natural beauty by making every imperfection beautiful.
Love your authenticity and we at Fornito Cosmetica will help you to shine.

Angela Fornito